JSC "Uzbekistan Airports" officially joined to the Airport Council International (ACI), which unites airports around the world.

The Airport Council International (ACI), which is considered the International Association of Airports in the World, was founded in 1991, its headquarter is located in Canada. There are regional offices in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin and North America. As of January 2020, this organization unites about 670 members of the company and serves 1 thousand 979 airports in 176 countries. ACI has also closely linked its activities with the International Air Transport Association( IATA), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and the Organization for the Provision of Air Navigation Services to Citizens (CANSO).

On the part of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ravshan Ismailov, the Chairman
of the Board of JSC "Uzbekistan Airports", Ulugbek Bektashev Deputy Chairman of JSC "Uzbekistan Airports" for Commerce and tourism, Sanjar Erkinbaev head of the Project Office in JSC "Uzbekistan Airports", and on behalf of ACI with the participation of General Director Stefano Baronci, Business Manager Sevda Fevzi and project coordinator Julia Plushnina online-negotiations on strategic cooperation completed at the end of 2020.

During the negotiations, attention was paid to the issues of further strengthening international relations by ensuring the safety of passengers at all international airports of Uzbekistan, organizing high-quality and qualified passenger service, modernizing Air gates at the level of world requirements, and expanding the volume of flights. The documents submitted by Uzbekistan to the organization were unanimously approved. Opinions were heard on the implementation of the membership requirements, as well as the next tasks set. Consecutively, further plans were determined.

At meetings on the sphere by the President of the repblic of Uzbekistan, special attention is paid to customization and services to the international airports of Uzbekistan to modern requirements, increasing their attractiveness, the study and implementation of foreign experience, the occurrence of JSC "Uzbekistan Airports" ACI is one of the most important directions of development of the industry.

Membership primarily guarantees the reliability of the services provided,
as well as the reforms of the air transport system in the country, bringing
the industry's activities in line with international standards, the development of tourism, and the acceleration of investment inflows. It also makes it possible to rely on the services of the ACI to take global measures to combat coronavirus infection, alert and protect passengers from the threat of a pandemic during an outbreak,
as well as to develop effective programs in this regard.

In general, the interests of airports in the field of aviation of any state
are important for the promotion of a pronounced policy, the development of aviation with the support of new, reliable partners, ensuring environmental safety and stability. From this point of view, JSC "Uzbekistan Airports" has taken a worthy place in the lists of the Airports Council International (ACI), which shows another step towards success in the future in the historical period of the development of aviation in Uzbekistan.

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